Erotic dance, then and now

The history of this form of entertainment stretches back far into the past. In the Arab world there were (and still are) belly dancers; in eastern cultures the Geishas filled this role. In the past there were only female dancers but now we can see a rise of male performers who dance for the eager female crowds. And why shouldn’t there be male dancers in the first place? Women also enjoy a beautiful man performing in front of them. (Please take note that we “do not book male dancers, this is only an example of the then and now”.)

Under the term “Erotic Dance” we understand the engaging of behavior which arouses erotic or sexual thoughts. The pieces of clothing being worn by the artist while performing are minimalistic, only the bare minimum is left on, if any at all.

The erotic style manifests itself in dancing styles as the kan-kan, mujra, striptease, pole dance, lap, table dance and so on. A couple of exotic dances also belong to this category but not all of them. In the Arab cultures every newlywed bride has to dance for her new husband on the night of their wedding. But this does not make them professional artists because they don’t do it for a living; instead they do it to respect their ancient traditions.

Actresses also play striptease dancers in movies. Such famous people have done it as: Salma Hayek, Rebecca Romijn, Natalie Portman, Demi Moore and a lot of others. Most female pop artists add “erotic dance” in their shows and certainly in their music videos. Even they say that it’s not an easy role to play and that they look up to (and respect) the dancers who do this as a profession.

In the past this profession has been a taboo, you couldn’t even talk about it. But nowadays this has changed considerably; it’s now an acknowledged industry where the performers can earn a lot of money. If you’re a lady between the ages of 20 and 32, good looking and a nice dancer then now is your time! Don’t hesitate, contact us and we will help you make your dreams come true!